Theme update log

At Elucidat we are constantly improving our themes to provide the best functionality and user experience for your learners.

So that you are able to make an informed decision about whether you would like to update your theme version in order to take advantage of new functions and fixes we list all of the changes here every-time a new version is released.

Please note that the changes stated here are for our our current base themes and do not apply to Legacy themes unless otherwise stated.

Theme version 2 - 19/10/16

New functionality

- Improvement to fullscreen video, no longer occasionally stay behind some elements such as header or footer

- New variations to the audio player (hide/minimal) - the first one hides the player on preview, the second one turns the player into pause/play only

- Headers (h3, h4, h5, h6) font sizes now in styles

- Progress bar re-added to menu type pages/parts

- “Simple text paragraph” part removed from standard options - new only addable inside other parts (captions, modals) (the use of this part is that it does not have any controls other than text and as such it always receives the styles from the parent. Useful if you want all text to look the same)

- Ability to add a quit button as a part into the ‘Page scope’


- Removed duplicate edit buttons from Likert page

- Fullscreen video can now be used with ‘Branching video’ page type

- Menu font size moved to Advanced styles

- Animations in Bolt theme now working correctly

- Quit button and flip button now export correctly in XLIFF files

- There is now a variation for text align and padding control in drag and drop pages for arranging symbols

- Background overlay in Flux theme is now selectable in ‘Styles’

- Drop shadows added back to Flux theme

- Drop items in drag and drop pages now called ‘Draggable item’

- Menu pages now display chapter progress


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