Showing results in text

In order to give instant feedback to a learner within an Elucidat you can input ‘Clips’ into text fields.

‘Clips’ are premade chunks of code that allow you to display values such as ‘Total score’ ‘Pass or Fail’.

To add a ‘Clip’

Open your text editing options by double clicking your text.

Select ‘Clips’.

Now choose the feedback you would like to display from the options shown in the pop up:

Upon viewing your course in Preview or in a Release this code will convert to the desired value.

Text input clips

You can also add text input clips, which allow you to create a field where your learner can type, you can then make this text appear somewhere in your course.

Text input clips can be great for self reflection activities, to do this use the ‘Text input’ and ‘Inputted text’ clips.

Make sure that the ID that you give your ‘Text input’ clip matches the ID of your ‘Inputted text’ clip.

Here’s an example of learner input.

Clips can reports to Elucidat’s Analytics feature, click here to learn how.