Showing results in a graph

The ‘Graphs’ feature makes it possible for Learners to see how their peers have answered a questionnaire in a graph.

To use the ‘Graphs’ feature

Open a project with a scored questionnaire, or add a scored questionnaire to an existing project, click here if you’re not sure how to set a page to be scored.

Next, open the page which you would like the ‘Graph’ to be displayed on (this needs to be a different page to the scored which you are reporting from).

Double click a text field.

Click the ‘Graphs’ button in the text editor:

The ‘Insert Graphs’ pop up will appear:

Choose the page that you would like to send a score from using the ‘Page to graph results from’ dropdown.

Choose the ‘Graph type’ you would like.

Press ‘Insert’.

Now when your course is viewed in an LMS your graph will appear and your Learner will be able to see information on how their peers answered.

Here’s an excellent example of polling in action.

Please note that if you Re-Release your content your Graph data will refresh, this feature is for use with the ‘Online (Public)’ or ‘SCORM for Learning Management System’ Release modes.