Adding a page

To add a new page

To add a new page press this button in the top right of your screen:

Click the ‘Add a single new page’ toggle:

Add a name for your page, then choose a ‘Page type’ by clicking the ‘Page type’ dropdown:

If you would like more information on Page types click here.

Once you are happy press ‘Add a page’ and your page will be built.

To add a new page from a different project

Click the ‘Insert pages from another project’ toggle:

Choose the project which you would like to copy your Page from using the ‘Which Project would you like to copy from?’ dropdown.

…the pages for the Project which you have chosen will be displayed, these each have toggles to the left.

If you select a page’s toggle and press ‘Add a Page’ it will be added to the project.

So for instance, if I wish to add page 2 (you can add as many pages as you like), I click this toggle:

…and press ‘Add a page’.

Please note that you can not add a page from a Project using a Legacy theme to a Project using one of our latest themes.