Understanding the Guided Author user role

Elucidat's Guided Author user role is designed with novice authors in mind. The role includes a small scope of permissions curated to work with a streamlined workflow so that anyone in your organization can have the power to create engaging elearning.

The permissions included in the User Role are:

  • Project - Create Projects
  • Project - Edit page content
  • Project - Upload assets
  • Project - Start a project from a template
Note: If you are an Administrator, you can create a Guided Author user by following the steps in Adding a new user to your team and selecting the Guided Author user role for them. You can assign an existing user the Guided Author role by following the steps in Assigning a Role to a user and selecting the Guided Author user role for them.


What might the platform look like for a Guided Author user?

When you log into Elucidat as a Guided Author, you will see fewer options in the top toolbar than a standard Author would. You can access existing Projects or Templates that you have permission to view and edit in the Project Library but you won't be able to create new Projects or Templates from scratch:


However, you are able to make new Projects from any Templates that have already been created. For more information about how to do this, see Creating a Project from a custom built Template:


In the editing interface, you can make content edits in Author but you won't be able to make any structural changes, configuration changes, or create releases. However, you can still review the Project's configuration by going to Configure and access any existing releases by going to Release:


You can also make use of Elucidat's Collaboration features and add comments to a Project for review using the Review tab:


For more information about the full range of our Collaboration features and how to use them, see the Collaborating across teams section.

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