Converting a Project into a Parent Course

The first step to creating multi-lingual content is to convert your Project to a Parent Course. After your Project has been converted, you will be able to create Variations from it.

A Parent Course acts as the primary template and control for all Variations created from it. When you make changes in the Parent Course, they will be inherited by its Variations. To learn more about how Parent Courses and Variation Projects work, see Feature Focus: Parent Courses and Variations.

Caution: When a Project is converted into a Parent Course and vice versa, any releases that have been made from that Project will be deleted. 


Creating a Parent Course

1. To begin, open the Project you’d like to convert and go to Variations Manager:


2. Select Convert to a Parent Course:


You can also convert a Project by going to Configure and selecting Convert to Parent Course:



Converting a Parent Course back to a Project

If you’d like to convert a Parent Course back to a Project, you’ll need to delete any Variations that have been created from that Parent Course first.

1. Go to Configure in your Parent Course and select Convert:


2. Then select Convert to Project:



Next Steps

If you're planning to use CSV or XLIFF translation files to create your Variations, then you'll need to export a translation file from your Parent Course once it has been converted.

If you'd like to create untranslated Variations to be translated with a translation file later, you'll need to manually create them instead. You'll also need to do the same if you're planning to translate your Variations manually but in this case, you won't need to export a translation file.


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