Sending the final result on a specific page

When your learners reach the end of a course, they will receive their final result. A learner’s final result will indicate whether or not they have completed or passed the course successfully and may also include a score value.

This result is reported automatically when the learner reaches the final page of the course. For example, a linear course that is ten pages long will report the final result when the learner reaches the final page: page 10.

However, this behaviour can be modified using the Send final score on this page option so that the final result is reported on a specific page instead of the final page. This is useful for courses that use branching paths which end at different positions in the course.

For example, a course could split into two possible paths depending on the actions of the learner. In a ten page course, taking one path may mean that the learner finishes the course on page 4 while the other path may end the course on page 10.  This means this branched course would have two possible final pages from which the score would need to be sent - the final page of the course and the last page of one of the pathways.

In this scenario, you would enable the Send final score on this page option on page 4 to ensure that learners who went down the first path have their result reported when they reached the end of that path.

For more information about creating branching courses, see Feature Focus: Creating Branching Scenarios.


Enabling the Send final score on this page setting

1. Open the page on which you’d like the final result to be reported.

2. Select Page settings.

3. Select the Scoring & Completion tab.

4. Enable the Send final score on this page setting:



5. Select the Save button to save the changes.

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