Best Practice: Embedding videos

Embedding video into your course is a great way to share externally hosted video content with your learners without the need to export it and re-upload it to Elucidat. It’s also a useful solution to provide longer video content that may be too large to upload to Elucidat.

In order to get the best experience from the video embed feature, we recommend following these best practice guidelines.


Video embed support

We fully support video embeds from YouTube and Brightcove. This means Elucidat is designed to work with videos embedded from either of these services. They are able to tell Elucidat when they have been watched all the way through, which then means they can be factored into page completion. If you are using video embedding, we recommend using either of these services where possible.

Embeds from Vimeo are also able to tell Elucidat when they have been watched all the way through and can also be factored into page completion. However, we do not currently fully support Vimeo embeds.

We do not support embedding of 360 videos.


Using the embed field as an iFrame

It is also possible to use the embed field to embed videos from other services or even non-video content and use the video field as an iFrame. However, this is not supported and you do so at your own risk.

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