Adding videos from Youtube

If you’d like to add video to your course and your content already exists in Youtube, you can choose to embed the video from Youtube rather than upload it directly to the platform. Embedding from Youtube can also be a useful alternative when a video resource is too large to be uploaded to Elucidat.

Elucidat is able to recognise when a Youtube video has been watched all the way through so they can also be used in conjunction with the ‘User opening all parts’ page completion requirement in the same way as a directly uploaded video. This means that Youtube videos can contribute progress towards a page’s completion. For more information about progress, see Feature Focus: Progress and Score.


1. To embed a Youtube video into your Project, open a page which contains a video player.

2. Open the page in Author.

3. Select the Edit menu on the top right corner of the player:


4. Select Video.

5. Select the Youtube/Embed tab:


6. Paste the URL to the Youtube video you want to use in the embed field and select the Save button:


Caution: It is possible to embed URL links that aren’t from Youtube in this field to display in the video player iFrame. Use of links not from Youtube in this field is done so at your own risk and any unwanted behaviour that results from this use will not be supported. See Best Practice: Embedding videos for more information about this.


7. The Youtube video will be added to the video player:


8. Select the Save button to save the changes.

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