Sharing specific Projects with your colleagues

Users who have the Project access scope of Access to Specific Projects only will need Projects to be shared with them to gain access. This is a useful way to control access to specific Projects for users who require restricted access to your Project Library.

To find out more the different access scopes and how to configure them for users, see Using access scopes to limit a user's access to Projects.


Sharing a Project with a user

1. Go to the Project library and find the Project you'd like to share

2. Select the Project's ellipsis menu (Author, Create, ellipsis menu icon.png)

3. Choose Share Project:

Author, Project Library, Share Project.png

4. Choose the author(s) you'd like to share the Project with from the Add an author drop-down menu:

Author, Project Library, Add an author drop down menu.png

The user(s) can now access the Project. They will receive an email notification that this Project has been shared with them.


Note: Projects that have been assigned to a folder outside of a Department or that have not been assigned a folder at all will appear in All Folders. Projects that are located here can still be viewed by restricted authors in Preview but they will not be able to make edits.
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