Adjusting a page's score weighting

By applying different score weights to your scored pages, you can vary the amount a scored page contributes to a learner’s final score. 

This is useful if you’d like to reward your learners for answering more difficult questions correctly, or want to create a small set of questions that are worth less than a more serious assessment later in your course.

To adjust a page’s Score weighting:

1. Go to your page’s Page settings:


2. Adjust the value on the Score weighting slider under the Scoring & Completion tab:


When a page’s Score weighting is modified, the number of points it is worth changes and the possible score percentage that can be achieved from that page either becomes larger or smaller. To find out more about how scoring is calculated, see Feature Focus: Progress and Score.

Here is an example of how this could be applied in a Project with 5 scored pages. 

Pages 1 to 4 have a weighting of 25 and page 5 has a weighting of 100:


This means that Correct results on pages 1 to 4 are worth 25 points each and a Correct result on page 5 is worth 100 points. The total number of points that can be achieved to reach 100% is 200.

If a learner gets Incorrect results for pages 1 to 4 and a Correct result for page 5, they get 100 points. 100/200 is equal to a 50% score:


The same is true for a learner who gets Correct scores for pages 1 to 4 and an Incorrect score for page 5:



If a learner submits Correct answers for pages 1 and 2 but Incorrect answers for the rest, they achieve 50 points. 50/200 is equal to a 25% percent score:



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