Applying a Rule to a page

Rules are useful for omitting pages from a course until the learner has fulfilled a specific requirement like answering a question, achieving a certain score range, or completing a page.

A page omitted by a Rule will not be counted in a learner's overall page progress or score total until it has been revealed. This means that you can create scenarios where specific content is personalized to different types of learners.

For more information about how Rules work, see Feature Focus: Rules.

Tip: We recommend you ensure that the option Tick to allow progress past the last uncompleted page in the Configure settings is ticked to allow the most flexibility.


Applying a Rule to a page

1. Open the page you'd like to add a Rule to

2. Select Page settings

3. In the pop-up window, go to the Rules tab

4. Under Only show this page if…, select a Rule from the left-most drop down menu:


Once you choose a Rule type, a new set of values will appear to the right of the first drop down menu. These give you options to define the conditions of the Rule. Different Rules will offer different options:


For example, the Score Rule will provide two modifiers:

  • one which defines the range of the score which is selected from a set of options in a drop down menu
  • one which defines the value this range should be used against which can be set using the slider

Choosing Score > Greater than or equal to > 50% means that the page will be revealed once the learner has achieved a score of 50% or more.

Note: The Question Answered Rule requires that at least one question page is set up in your Project. You can find out how to create a question page in Building a question page.


5. Select Save to save your changes

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