Editing pages

To edit one of your Project's pages, just double-click on the page in Pages view to open it.

The keys to building a course in Elucidat are Author, Layout and Preview:


  • Author is for working with page content, and is where you edit text and add to existing page elements.
  • Layout is for designing the layout of pages and adding new page elements and parts.
  • Preview is where you can see a preview of your course to check and see how it will work when live. 

What you see when you open the page may vary slightly depending on your allocated user role and its permissions – if you're a Layout Designer, for example, you will be able to see Layout, Author and Preview. If you're an Author, you will only see Author and Preview but not Layout. 

If you're unsure about your permissions or would like to change them, contact your account Administrator.


Editing content

Elucidat is a true WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, which means that you can see all of your changes whilst you are making them. Every page part that is editable will have an Edit button, indicated by a pencil in the top right of that element (mceclip1.png). 

When you click a page part’s Edit button, the button will change to a tick, and the Edit menu will open where you can see the configuration options possible for that part:



Tip: You can also activate the edit options by double-clicking the page part you would like to edit.


Text and anything else that can be edited in Elucidat will display the Edit button when you hover over it.

Once you have made your edits press Save at the top right of the page to keep them or press CTRL/CMD S:


If you make an edit that you don’t wish to keep, press the Undo button, which will remove all of the changes since your last save.

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