Quick Start Guide

If you're just getting started in Elucidat, this guide can help you through the first steps of building and editing your first course. 


1 Building your first Project

2 Managing pages using the Pages Overview

3 Editing your Project

i. Adding parts using Layout

ii. Editing parts using Author

iii. Checking your Project using Preview

4 The next steps


Building your first Project

Creating your first Elucidat Project can be done in five steps.

1. Open the Start page – this is the first page you will see when you log in to Elucidat. You can always get back to the Start page from wherever you are in the platform by selecting Start in the top toolbar:


2. Choose Create a new blank project:


3. You'll be prompted to select a Style for your Project. A Style acts like a blueprint for your course's appearance. It sets the default coloring and styling of the elements of your Project so you don't have to manually set these in your Project. Select a Style by hovering over the Style you'd like and choose Select Style:


You can change a Project's Style at any time so don't worry too much if you're not sure what to choose.

4. The next step is to name your Project and assign it to a folder in your Project Library. Type a name in the field under Name your project. Choose a folder by selecting the folder field to expand it. Scroll through the list of folders and find the one you'd like to put your Project in:


5. Select Get started and the Project will be built for you:



Managing pages using the Pages Overview

Once your Project has been built you'll be taken to the Pages overview screen. This allows you to view the page structure of your course. 

1. Press +Add new Page to add more pages to your course:


You can add as many as you want and drag and drop them to quickly build out your Project's structure without worrying too much about editing them.

2. To begin editing, select the ellipsis menu on the page and choose Set Page Type:


3. Choose Start from scratch:


Tip: Choosing Start from scratch will build an empty page ready for you to add parts yourself. If you'd like to use a pre-built page layout with parts already added, you can select one of the other age types from the menu. Experiment with them and see which ones you like best!


4. Once you have chosen a page type, select Edit page from the ellipsis menu:


You'll be taken to the authoring interface where you can begin adding content to your Project.


Editing your Project

Editing a Project is carried out through the authoring interface. It is comprised of sections: AuthorLayoutPreview, and Review but you'll only need to focus on the first three sections for now.


Adding parts using Layout

Layout is used to add parts to the page. A page needs to have parts before your learning content can be added.

1. Add a new section by selecting the grey Add section button:


A section is used to contain parts.

2. Choose Empty section to create a blank section, ready for parts to be added to it:


Tip: You can also choose to create a pre-made section with parts already added by choosing one of the other options in the menu. This can be a useful way to quickly build out a page.


3. Add parts to the section by selecting the orange Add here button inside the section element:


4. Choose a part from the menu:


5. Once you've added your part(s), save your work using Save:


Editing parts using Author

When you have added the parts you need to the page, you can start adding content to them in Author.

1. Switch editing modes by selecting Author:


2. Each part has several edit menus that allow you to control and change different aspects of it:


3. Select an edit menu to open it and view its controls. Expand each section to see its full list of controls:


Different parts have different options available in their edit menus. Have a look around and see what you can change on the parts you've added!

4. You can edit text by selecting the text field and typing:


5. Remember to save any changes using the Save button. You can also undo any changes made since the last save by selecting Undo:


Checking your Project using Preview

You can take a look at what your Project will look like to your learners by switching to the Preview mode. Here you can navigate through your course and check that everything is how you'd like it to be. 

1. Switch to Preview by selecting Preview:


2. In Preview, you can navigate through your course and interact with the parts that you've added to your pages as a learner would. This can give you a good idea of what kind of experience your course will offer your learners:



The next steps

As you become more familiar with the platform, we encourage you to experiment and explore what Elucidat can do to help you create high-quality, engaging elearning. 

If you have questions, the Elucidat Help Center can be a valuable resource to help you through gaining a deeper understanding of the platform. It is filled with a wide variety of useful guides and we'd recommend it as your first port of call if you need help.

However, if you get stuck and need someone to talk to, the Elucidat Support team is always happy to work with you through any questions you may have. You can contact the Support team at support@elucidat.com

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