Building your first Project

Over the next few pages we will be looking at editing text and images, adding video and audio, setting up a question and finally publishing your first Project! Each individual course is called a 'Project' in Elucidat.

How to build a simple Project

1. Open the Start page – this is the first page you will see when you log in to Elucidat.

If you can't see the Start page click the Start button.


2. Choose a Style for your Project by clicking one of the Example Brand Styles:


Our default Styles add some basic colours and images to your Project to give you a head start. You will be able to update your Style later in order to customize it for your brand.

3. Name your course and select the Folder it should sit in:


4. The Project will be built for you. Press Go to your new Project to go to the Pages view and start editing.


5. Press +Add new Page to add further Pages to your course.


6. Name your Pages as you wish by clicking in the Page title field and renaming them:


7. Then select the 3 dot/more menu and choose Set Page Type.


The Page types menu will display:


8. Select Page types for all of your pages by making your choice and pressing Set Page Type.



9. You'll be taken back to Pages view where you'll see your new Pages set up and prepopulated with the sample content you chose. You can always change a Page type and add further Page parts later, so you can change your mind. 


Editing your pages

Once you've successfully constructed the Pages for your Project, you can move on to Editing Pages and Editing text.

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