Importing Pages from another Project

Importing pages from another project is a great way of saving time when creating a new project, allowing you to reuse content which has already been built.

How to import from the Start page

1. Click Create from another project:


2. Select your Style:


3. Name your new Project, and click on Select project:


4. You will then be shown a list of all available Projects. Use the search bar to find the Project you would like to use:


5. Select the required Project and click Next:


6. Select the required pages, and click Finish:


You will then be taken to the Pages screen.


How to import from the Pages screen

From the Pages screen, you can start the same process by selecting the Import option:


The rest of the process then follows the same steps as above.


Note: You cannot add a page from a Project which is using a discontinued legacy Theme to another Project.
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