Header menu: Adding a Resources folder

Resources uploaded to a project will be collected in the Resources folder. Examples of resources can include Word Docs, Excel Docs, Powerpoint or PDF files you want learners to be able to refer to whilst taking the course. Adding a Resource folder to the header provides a user with easy access to these resources throughout the course.

1. Open any page in the course where you wish to add a Resources folder.

2. In Layout, click the grayed-out header section:


3. Click the Switch to editing the Main Navigation button:


4. Select the Add here button in the location where you would like to add the Resources folder in the header:


5. Select the Resources Button:


6. The Resources folder will now be added to the header section so it will remain  accessible to your user throughout the course:


Note: If a resource has not been uploaded to the project, the Resources folder will appear grayed out in Layout and Author and won’t appear at all in Preview or in a release.
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