Header menu: Adding a Help window

Adding a Help window to the header menu allows you to add extra text which can be accessed by your user throughout the entire course. This is commonly used to provide help or information your user might need to complete the course.

1. Open any page in the course to which you would like to add a Help window.

2. In Layout, click the grayed-out header section:


3. Click the Switch to editing the Main Navigation button:


4. Select the Add here button at the location where you would like to add the Help window in the header:


5. Select the Help Button:


6. The Help Button will now be added to the header section and be accessible to your user throughout the course:


7. In Author click the Help Button to open the Help window. Here you can decide whether you want to update or change the default text depending on what you want your user to have access to.


Tip: You can also change the icon used by the Help button in Author. Open the Edit menu on the Help button and select Icon, and you’ll be able to select your preferred icon from those available.


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