Adding new Pages to a Project

You can add a new page at any point within a Project.  

How to add new Pages to a Project

1. Select Pages while in the Project that you would like to add a page to in order to access the Pages view:

2. Press the +Add new Page button at the bottom of each Chapter in Pages view to create a new page at the end of the Chapter you are in:

Tip: If you've added Pages and decide you want to move them, you can just move them in Pages view by grabbing the title bar and dragging them to their new location. 


Note: By default, the new page will be titled 'Page' and a number corresponding to the current number of pages in the course incremented by 1 – i.e. if there are 5 pages in the course course the new page will be called page 6, no matter where it’s located in the course. You can change this default title by clicking in the title field and adding your new title.
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