Using a translation file to translate a Project

Once you have exported your translation file and translated the text content within, you’ll then need to upload it back into your Project in order for the translation to take effect.

Elucidat will use the translation file to locate and replace the source text (your original text) with the target text (your translated text).

Note: When you translate a Project using CSV or XLIFF, the original text in your Project will be overwritten by the translated text. This means that once your Project has been translated, it cannot be undone. If you’re planning to translate your courses one-by-one, you may want to create duplicates from your original language version and translate the duplicates.

1. To upload your translation file back into your Project, go to Configure:


2. Then go to the Translation tab:

3. Then select Import Translation file:

4. Select Choose file to select your CSV or XLIFF from your files and upload it to your Project:

5. The upload may take a moment after which you will see a confirmation that your translation has been uploaded successfully, along with the number of items that were successfully translated.

Caution: Your translation file should be uploaded back into the same Project from which it was exported. This is because the translation relies on locating the text to replace using the Project’s specific page and part IDs. If a translation file from one Project is imported into another, the translation will be unsuccessful as the page and part IDs will be different.


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