Restricting upload permissions in the Asset Library

Restricting the upload permissions of your users allows for easier management and overall control of your Asset Library. There are three permissions that allow you to restrict how a user can interact with and upload assets to the Asset Library. These permissions can be assigned via user roles. 


Under the Brand section of the user role permissions there is the option to assign the Asset Library Maintenance permission. Users with this permission will be able to add, replace and delete assets whilst in the Asset Library tab and allows the user to fully maintain the Asset Library.


Note: Users with this permission disabled are still able to upload assets via the project, as long as they have the Upload assets permission enabled.



Under the Project section of the user role permissions there are two permissions that can be assigned to users; Edit page content and Upload assets.


Users with the Edit page content permission will be able to add, edit and delete any text and assets that are on the page. Users are able to upload content from the Asset Library into the project but are not able to directly upload assets themselves.

The Upload assets permission allows users to upload assets from outside the Asset Library directly to the course. Assets uploaded directly onto a page will automatically be added to the Asset Library.

Note: We recommend allowing users the Edit page content permission if Upload assets is enabled.
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