How bookmarking works

SCORM bookmarking is the term used to describe the feature that keeps a record of the learner's current location in the course so that if they exit the course and relaunch it, they'll restart from where they left the course.

SCORM for LMS Releases

In a 'SCORM for LMS' Release, when your Learner closes a module and then re-opens it they will be presented with the last completed page, or the last completed and last viewed page unless your LMS is configured to disregard this.

Online (Link) releases

Online (Link) releases will refresh bookmarking upon completion of your course or 365 days after last accessing the course. If browser cookies are cleared during this period this will reset the bookmarking.

Backup Releases

Backup SCORM package releases store bookmarking data although the amount of pages that can be bookmarked is limited due to the restrictions of SCORM.

In a Backup SCORM package Release, Bookmarking is handled using suspend data.

Suspend data is held as a very long code string.

This code string has a limit depending on what release type you choose.

SCORM 1.2 = 4,096 Characters

SCORM 2004 (2nd edition) = 4,000 Characters

The amount of pages and the amount of interactions on those pages all contribute to the amount of Suspend data that is being stored.

Due to these SCORM limitations it may be advisable to release larger courses (40+ pages) via our 'SCORM for Learning Management System release mode).

Note: As 'SCORM for Learning Management System Release' and 'Backup Release' use a different format for Suspend Data we advise that you do not replace a 'SCORM for Learning Management System Releases with a 'Backup Release' and vice versa. If you do wish to change Release mode we recommend uploading the replacement file as a separate instance on your LMS.



Bookmarking uses cookies, please ensure cookies are enabled to use this feature.

Badges and rewards

Please note that badges are not retained between learner sessions.


Please see Updating a Release for more information about bookmarking in re-released projects. 

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