Best Practice: Testing before going live to learners

There are a number of checks and QA steps we'd recommend you carry out before you go live to your learners. These should be carried out at both the authoring phase of a project, and when you are publishing it within your LMS.

Authoring advice

Communicating to your LMS

Firstly, we advise confirming that you can upload the Elucidat .zip file to your LMS.

If you are not familiar with how to publish an Elucidat course in order to test this, see Making a course release.

If you are using our Backup release mode, please also try and doing this with a large file to confirm your LMS can process larger uploads (you can achieve this quickly by making Projects with videos in).

Make sure your test file has the desired SCORM setting (e.g 1.2 or 2004) and that it is sending the verb that is most likely to be required for your content (e.g passed or complete). If you would like to alter the verb that is passed, in Elucidat, open your project and click 'Configure', then select 'Learner tracking' and choose the option you would like here:


  • We advise confirming that assets (e.g images, video, audio, fonts, symbols) display as you require after uploading to your LMS.
  • We advise confirming that your course is Completing/Passing when expected and passing the score to your LMS if applicable. See here for more advice on the expected scoring and progress behaviour for an Elucidat module.
  • We advise confirming that your content is visually correct e.g the content can be scrolled correct, that all elements are displaying as expected.
  • We advise confirming that information is being logged by your LMS.
  • We advise confirming that  Bookmarking is working when you close and re-open the course (if using our 'SCORM for learning management' release mode). For more information on bookmarking please see here.
  • We advise confirming that your learners are displaying correctly in the Your data feature (if this feature is important to you and using our 'SCORM for learning management' release mode).
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