Feature Focus: User Roles

A User Role defines the actions a user is permitted to carry out in Projects they are permitted to access. There are predefined, default User Roles already set up for you within the platform, relating to the most common user profiles and job roles.

With Advanced User Management, you can also create new User Roles and modify existing Roles to allow for a more personalized set of Roles which fit with your business structure.


Default User Roles

Administrator: An Administrator has complete access to your projects, releases, styles and templates, account settings and can make changes to Projects in Layout.

Analytics: An Analytics user is allowed to view the Analytics information from your courses and they are able to comment and use Review features, but they are not allowed to make edits to content.

Author: An Author can make changes to Projects in Author but they cannot make Layout changes. They can also make releases and edit Styles and Templates.

Author and analytics: The same as an Author, but also able to view the Analytics information from your courses.

Layout designer: A Layout designer is an Author that is allowed to change the layout of your project's pages using Layout, as well as having the same level of access as the Author role.

Layout designer and analytics: A user with this role has access to the features of the Analytics and Layout designer users.

Restricted Layout designer: A user with this role has access to the features of the Layout designer but are not allowed to make edits to Styles or make account-wide changes to Page Types.

Developer: A Developer has the same permissions as Layout designer with the addition of API Access

Guided Author: A simplified Author role; Guided Authors can only create Projects, edit page content in Author, upload assets and start a Project from a Template.

Reviewer: A Reviewer is able to view projects in Preview and Review, add comments, and mark comments as resolved.

External Collaborator: An External Collaborator is a user who does not have an Elucidat account but has been granted temporary access to Elucidat to review one or more Projects. Their permissions are limited to adding comments and editing and resolving their own comments. This User Role cannot be manually assigned and is assigned to users who have been invited to review a Project. For more information about this, see Feature Focus: External Collaborators.




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