Checking a user's permissions and access

If you need to check what permissions users have in your account, you can do this in Team by selecting the Users page. Here you can see:

  • The user's Role which defines the actions they are permitted to carry out in Projects they are permitted to access. To find out more about User Roles, see Feature Focus: User Roles.
  • The user's scope which defines the Projects they are permitted to access. For more information, see Limiting users' access.


Checking a user's permissions

1. Go to the Elucidat Team tab. Then select Users:


2. Find the user whose permissions you wish to check. Scroll down the list of users, or search by name or email address in the top right search bar if needed.

3. You can see the user’s assigned role next to their details under the Role column. Make a note of the role of the user you want to check:


4. Select the User Roles tab. Check the permission of the user you were looking for and make sure it has the access you were expecting:


To find out more about how to change the permissions of a User Role, see Modifying a user's permissions.

5. You can also see the user's scope under the Departments and access column:


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