Deleting a user

Deleting users from your account may be necessary if a user has left your organisation, or you are about to reach your user limit for your account. 

1. Go to the Team tab.


2. Select the Users tab, and locate the user you wish to delete.


3. Select the user’s name to bring up the sidebar menu.

4. Select the 3 dot menu (mceclip1.png) option at the top left of this menu and select Delete user.

5. A popup box will appear asking you to confirm. Select the Yes, delete button.

The user will now be removed from the account. 


Note: Elucidat staff cannot routinely delete users from individual accounts for security reasons. This needs to be done by a user within the account with the correct permissions, such as the Account Administrator. If the user that needs to be deleted is an Administrator, their user role must first be changed by another Administrator. See Assigning a Role to a user for more information about how to change a user's Role. Once deleted, a user cannot be restored.
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