Assigning a Role to a user 

Roles are used to manage what your users can do inside your account. You can set flexible permissions to control which actions a user can carry out.  Roles can be assigned as part of the process of adding a new user, or assigned to an existing user following the steps below.


Assigning a Role

1. Go to the Elucidat Team tab. Then select User Roles, and check the role you want to assign has the permissions you want to give your new user:


2. Select the Users tab:


3. Find the name of the user you wish to assign the role to.

4. Select the user’s name, and in the new menu window that opens on the right sidebar, select the new role for that user. Once you have selected the role, select Save Changes and close:


This Role will now be applied to that user and they will now have the permissions given by the role across your account.

Note: Roles and their permissions are set at account level and therefore apply to the account you are in. If this user is part of multiple accounts, you will need to set their Role in each account.
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