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Level 1: Beginner

This level is for those new to Elucidat or for those looking for a refresher on the basics.

It contains: 

1. Get started

    • Plan your project
    • Create a new project
    • Structure your project
    • Editing text and images

2. Brand your project

    • Apply a brand style
    • Create a brand style
    • Styling on the page

3. Release your project

    • Completion settings
    • Release modes

4. Review a project

    • Invite a reviewer
    • Comment and review


Level 2: Improver

What you'll learn in these Improver videos:

1. Structure your course

    • Set up a menu
    • Divide your content into chapters

2. Using questions and quizzes

    • Check learners' knowledge
    • Test learners' knowledge
    • Setting up results pages

3. Layout designer

    • What is Layout Designer?
    • Edit a page using Layout Designer
    • Create a page from scratch

4. Social poll questions and graphs

    • Engage your learners with social polls
    • Working efficiently

5. Collaborate to save time


Level 3: Masterclass

Make your learning fly with our Masterclass topics.
Created by learning design experts, we provide examples, tips, tricks and access to exclusive Elucidat templates to give your projects a boost.

    • How to bring storytelling into your learning
    • Using rewards to incentivise learners
    • Dos and don'ts for scrolling page designs
    • How to write compelling content
    • Top tips for mobile learning design
    • How to design a good ending
    • How to use Layout Designer effectively
    • Using audio to help not hinder learning
    • Inspiration: ways to use the timeline interaction
    • How to use animation to lift your content
    • Using social polls to enhance your learning
    • Writing for a global audience
    • How to really QA your project
    • Using Elucidat as a survey tool
    • How to use Styles to brand your elearning experience
    • How and why to simplify the navigation
    • How to add images to text fields


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