Using Roles to restrict who can make a Release

Administrators have the ability to limit who can create which types of release through User Roles. This will ensure that only authorised users can create the specified types of SCORM package, which may be desirable.

How to restrict a user’s release access

1. To access a particular User Role’s permissions, first select the Team tab from the top menu bar:


2. Then select User Roles to view the available user roles:


3. Finally, press the name of a User Role to view that role’s permissions:


Under the heading for Releases there are two permissions related to creating specific release types:


  • The first option allows you to limit whether that User Role can release SCORM for LMS, Backup SCORM, or API release types.
  • The second allows you to specify whether an Online Link release can be created.

4. Check or uncheck the checkbox to set the permissions you want to allocate to that user and press Save at the top of the page.

Note: Users without either the SCORM/API or the Online Link release permissions will still be able to view the Project's release screen.
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