Overview: Page progression

Elucidat sees the Pages in a Project as a linear sequence by default.

You can see the sequence of Pages in your Project by pressing the Branching view button in the top right of a page in your Project in Author:  


In this sample project, you'll see that the pages all follow a linear sequence:


Elucidat will allow you to link to pages that are outside of the normal linear sequence of pages.

So whilst you can create a project which allows the learner to progress from Page 1 to Page 2, and then Page 3 (using the Next/Previous buttons which are set up by default), you can also configure the Project to jump directly to Page 3 using a link:

However, if a page is set to Prevent progress until complete in the Page settings menu, or pages are locked due to a Branching scenario then progress can be blocked.

For instance, if Page 2 is set to be locked using Prevent progress until complete the learner will not be able to use the link to go directly to Page 3:

However if the learner unlocks Page 2 by completing the required elements, they will then be allowed to use the link from Page 1 to Page 3:


Please note that if you have a locked page before a chapter in your Project, the locking for that page will not be applied.

Pages that are set as the start of chapter can always be skipped to by learners regardless of how locking has been set up in the module.

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