Which languages can I translate my courses into?

Elucidat supports a wide range of alphabets and characters which means the languages you can translate your course into is virtually limitless. 

You can use Elucidat's translation suite to quickly create localized courses. These can be exported individually or as a multi-language course containing all the different language versions of your course in one package.

If you'd like to find out what languages the authoring platform interface is in and how to change it, see Can I use Elucidat in my preferred language?


Translation methods and how they differ

Elucidat has two main methods you can use to translate your courses into different languages:

  • Manual where you or a translation vendor translates the content either directly in the platform or using specialized translation files
  • Automatic where Elucidat's Auto-Translate feature uses AI to translate your course

Using manual translation methods allows you to either export the text of your course which can then be replaced in virtually any language you like. You can also edit the text directly in the platform if you prefer. 

Auto-Translate can translate your courses automatically using AI and can be a quick way to localize content without much effort. While the supported languages are not as limitless as manual translation, we do already offer support for 75 different languages.

Note: You will need to ensure that the font that your course uses is also compatible with the language you're using to ensure it can render correctly.

If the text is not displaying correctly, you may need to change the font. You can either select a compatible Google font in your Style or upload your own.


More information

If you'd like to learn more about Elucidat's translation features, see Feature Focus: Translation or visit the Translation section of the Help Center.

To find out more about Auto-Translate, see Feature Focus: Auto-Translate.

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