Is there a size limit for files I upload to Elucidat?

You can upload several different types of files to Elucidat. Each has its own supported size limit.


1 Video

2 Audio

3 Images

4 Resources



Video and audio

The maximum file size we support for video and audio uploads is 2GB


Supported video file types are:

  • MP4 
  • MOV

You can learn more about adding video to your Projects in Uploading your own videos.

While it is unlikely you'll need to compress a video to upload it to Elucidat, if you find you do need to, there are instructions in Compressing a video to decrease its file size. An example of when you may need to decrease a video's file size is if you're using a Backup SCORM and would like to make the SCORM package smaller.


Supported audio files types are:

  • MP3
  • WAV.

Uploading your own audio has more information about adding audio to your Projects.



We support a maximum file size of 12MB for images.

Supported image files types are:

  • JPG 
  • PNG 

You find out how to add images to your course in Adding an image.



A learner resource is a file you can add to your courses to provide supplemental information. 

We support a maximum file size of 4MB.

Supported file types are:

  • DOC
  • PPT 
  • XLS
  • PDF.

To learn more about resources, see Adding resource documents to your Project.



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