Support statement for Auto-Translate

Auto-Translate can speed up the translation process for elearning courses by drastically reducing the human translation time required. It uses neural machine translation to recognise context and provide natural results.

But this can also mean that the results may not always be 100% accurate or match your expectations. They may contain errors that require manual attention. These errors could include inaccurate tense or gender, incorrect usage of synonyms, or translating terms that don't require translation (like technical language or acronyms). While we can support issues with the functioning of Auto-Translate in Elucidat, we are not able to directly offer support for the text output that it provides.

We do offer the ability to add terms to a glossary which Auto-Translate will then use instead of translating the term itself. This can be useful for things like industry-specific terms, brand names, and other words you'd prefer not to be translated or that have a specific translation not offered by Auto-Translate.

However, we would always recommend thoroughly checking your translated courses with fluent speakers to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

Tip: We always recommend following best practices, including reviewing your translated courses, to get the most out of Auto-Translate. To learn more about our recommendations, see Best Practice: Using Auto-Translate.


Unsupported features

There are several features Auto-Translate does not currently support. However, we will continue to monitor feedback around these features and consider this feedback for future updates to Auto-Translate.

Currently, unsupported features include:

  • Do not translate tags that prevent specific words or phrases from being translated.
  • Translation memory. It is not possible to improve previous translations of words or phrases to ensure that a future translation matches expectations.
  • A Translation review workflow where reviewers can check and approve translated Projects that have been assigned to them.

If you would like to share your feedback or report an issue relating to the functioning of Auto-Translate in Elucidat, you can send a message to the Support team at

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