Scope of support for accessibility queries

The wide range of possibilities that Elucidat allows for creation means that you, the author, has a high level of control and freedom when it comes to how your courses are built and presented. 

In order to provide the best possible starting point, Elucidat offers parts, page types and interactions which are built to meet modern accessibility standards. However, accessibility also relies heavily on the author ensuring that the content they build, write, and style also adheres to accessibility best practices.

While our Support team are experts in the Elucidat platform and how it works, this flexibility means we are not able to support accessibility queries or issues that don't stem directly from a fault or issue in the platform itself.

We are not able to authoritatively advise on accessibility best practices, nor are we able to perform accessibility audits of your content and provide specific suggestions on how to build your courses to meet modern accessibility standards.

We do provide some general advice about creating accessible content in Creating accessible learning in Elucidat but we would also advise to seek out answers to more specific accessibility queries from other sources.

The W3C WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) website is a valuable and highly regarded accessibility resource and the Design and Develop section in particular has some useful information which can apply to building content in Elucidat.

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