How do I get started as a Guided Author?

A Guided Author is a simplified Author role designed for novice users. If you are a Guided Author, you will be granted a smaller range of permissions in Elucidat, giving you the ability to create Projects, edit page content in Author, upload assets and start a Project from a Template.

This guide will help you navigate your way around the platform and complete your Project successfully.


Finding your Projects

Your Projects can be found in the Project Library. 

Depending on the brief your Elucidat Administrator has given, you may have already been assigned a Project to work on. If this is the case, you’ll need to go to the Project Library and search for it. Once you find your Project, you’ll be able to begin working on it straight away. 

If you’ve been asked to use a Template to create a Project instead of being assigned to work on an existing Project, you can follow the instructions in Creating a Project from a custom built Template


Editing content

As a Guided Author, you will be able to edit your Project’s text, media and appearance. The layout of your Project will have been created already so you will be able to go straight in and add your expertise without having to build the course from the ground up.

You can read our guides on Editing pagesEditing text, and Using media files in a Project to help you get started. 

You won’t have the ability to add or delete parts in the Project you’re working on but if you would like to edit the Project’s layout, you can contact your Elucidat Administrator who can either do this for you or change your permissions. 


Sending your Project for Review

Once you have finished the work on your Project, you can send it to another member of your team to review. Make sure you know who the best person is to review your Project before you send it. A good quality review means that it’s more likely your work is able to be released to learners as soon as possible! 

When you are ready, you can read Sending your Project to be reviewed by another team member for more help.

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