Elucidat Allowlist

All Elucidat services use *.elucidat.com domain names. By preference, you should allow all elucidat.com subdomains. Specific domains are subject to change.

Core services for Authors

  • app.elucidat.com - the main address of our authoring platform
  • preview.elucidat.com
  • upload.elucidat.com
  • api-gateway.elucidat.com
  • id.elucidat.com

Micro-sites for specific Authoring tasks

  • teams.elucidat.com
  • projects.elucidat.com
  • accelerator.elucidat.com
  • learning-hub.elucidat.com

Services for Learners

  • learning.elucidat.com
  • api.elucidat.com
  • learner-gateway.elucidat.com
  • learner-identity.elucidat.com
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