Beta Feature: The Project Library

Note: This is currently a beta feature and available to access directly at As this is still in beta testing, functionality may change without notice. 

This will be available to use concurrently with the existing which can be accessed directly via the URL.


The Project Library is where you can access and manage all of your Projects. Here you can create and delete Projects and Templates, assign Projects to folders, share them with other team members and view other information about your Projects:



Creating a Template or Project

You can create a Template by selecting Create Template and a Project by select Add a Project:



Searching for a Project

You can use the filter, sort and search options to find the Project you're looking for:


You can also include specific folders and Departments in your search by selecting one from the folder hierarchy:


Selecting the ellipsis menu of a Project offers you the option to Share, Delete or view more information about the Project:



Sharing a Project

Selecting Share will show you which Departments and authors this Project is currently available to:


You can share a Project directly with an author by choosing one from the Add an author drop down menu:



Viewing more information about your Project

Selecting More info will show you information and statistics related to your Project. Here you can see the Project's unique ID and when it was created and last edited:


and how many releases have been created from this Project and how many times they have been viewed in total:



Managing folders

You can add new folders by selecting the ellipsis menu on either a Department or another folder:


You can rename or delete an existing folder by selecting the ellipsis menu of the folder you'd like to change.

You move a folder to another location by grabbing the folder icon (Screenshot_2022-11-30_at_13.17.21.png) and dragging and dropping to its new location:


Caution: Moving a folder to a different Department will also move any Projects in that folder into that Department. This may mean that users who were able to access this Project before will no longer be able to access it as it no longer falls under the access scope.
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