Configuring which pages appear in your Variations

In your Multi-Language Project, you can configure which of the pages from the Parent is included in each Variation. 

One reason you might want to do this is if you have a Variation where the page layout needs to be modified to accommodate the text. For example, you may have a Variation where the text reads right-to-left but the Parent’s layout is more suited to left-to-right text. 

You could create an alternative version of the page or pages in the Parent which would be more suited to a right-to-left layout and then choose which Variation(s) you’d like to include these pages in.

Then, you can hide the unneeded pages in each Variation.

Another reason for doing this could be to add or omit a page or pages from a specific Variation to account for different laws, regulations or cultural differences.


Managing pages from the Parent

1. Go to your Parent Course’s Pages screen:


2. Find the page or pages you’d like to manage and select the ellipsis (...) to open the Page’s menu:


3. Select Manage in Variations:


4. Check each Variation that you’d like that page to appear in:



Managing pages directly from a Variation

1. Go to your Variation’s Pages screen:


2. Find the page or pages you’d like to manage and select the ellipsis (...) to open the Page’s menu:


3. Select Hide Page to omit this page from the Variation:


If you’d like to restore a page that has been omitted from a Variation, you’ll need to go back to the page in the Parent and check the Variation in the Manage in Variations menu.

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