Editing text

Text that can be edited in Elucidat will display an Edit button when you hover over it:

Our text editor has controls similar to Word:

From left to right: Text format (e.g. heading / paragraph), Bold, Italic, Link, Bullet points, Numerical list, Text alignment, Text colour, Text background colour, Tables.

Advanced options

Images in text

Using this control you can add an image into your text.

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Using this control you can add ‘Clips’, premade chunks of code that allow you to display values such as ‘Pass or Fail’.

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Using this control you can add an achievement. ‘Achievements’ allow you to load an icon or picture (known as a ‘Badge’) that indicate that your Learner has achieved a certain goal by reaching this page.

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Using this control you can add a graph to your course.

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Elucidat has some handy text editing shortcuts.

Copying and pasting of text can be achieved by pressing CTRL + C to copy and CTRL + V to paste.

Here are some more advanced shortcuts:

💡 Pro Tip! You will find that Less Than and Greater Than symbols - < and > - are filtered out of text boxes. This is because Elucidat is built in HTML, and these can interfere with the way the content displays.

However, you can use similar characters depending on the outcome you would like, for example any of the following characters will display -


You can paste these characters into text using Command/Control+V, or if you are using Windows then you can use keyboard shortcuts to type them directly, for example Alt+26 will result in →

Right to Left

If you wish for your text to read from Right to Left as required for Arabic languages you can turn this setting on by clicking the edit button in the top right of your page.

And then choosing your preference from here: