Elucidat allows you to keep your Projects in ‘Folders’ to keep everything tidy in your ‘Project List’.

You can access your ‘Project list’ by pressing ‘Projects’ at the top of the page.

By default your ‘Project list’ will have a couple of Folders:

‘No Folder’ - is where your Projects are until they have been added to a Folder.

…to add an additional Folder:

In the ‘Folders’ panel in your ‘Project list’, right click where it says ‘All Folders’ and then select ‘Create Folder’

…add a name for your Folder, in this case I’ll call my Folder ‘Example’:

…and press Save changes.

Now the Folder will appear in the ‘Folders’ panel:

…to add a Project to a Folder:

In the ‘Projects list’, find the Project which you would like to add to your Folder.

Press the area where it says ‘Select a Folder’, this is just below your Project title:

…a dropdown will appear, choose your Folder from here:

…to delete or rename a Folder:

Right click your Folder in the ‘Folders’ panel and choose your option:

…to remove a project from a Folder:

In your ‘Project list’, find your project and click the x in the top right of the Folder:

Please note that only Administrators can rename and create folders.

💡 Pro Tip! Projects stored in ‘All Folders’ will be visible to all members of a team, regardless of Departmental permissions. Click here to learn more about Departments.

Naming Folders

Folders are automatically sorted into alphabetical order when they are created.

For example here I have two Folders named Demos and Tests -

If I add a new Folder named Elucidat Projects, this will automatically be added in alphabetical order -

💡 Pro Tip! This will not adjust if the Folder is renamed. Even if it changes alphabetically, the Folder will remain in the original position in the list -