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Great digital learning comes from more than the tools you use. The Elucidat 5C Framework helps you deliver success for your learners and your business.

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The 5C Framework for successful digital learning

Based on experience supporting over 2 million learners, the Elucidat 5C Framework sets out the essential steps for developing successful digital learning. Tap into our coaching and design services, available at each stage, to help you deliver the best results.

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1. Capture - start with a clear plan

Until you shape your problem, you can’t shape your solution. Get crystal clear on what the real goals of your project are, what changes you need your audience to make and what will help them get there.

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  • Plan for Success - we’ll help you to understand your audience, define a brief and set you up for success.

  • Easy Integration - we’ll analyze your infrastructure and make recommendations for a seamless solution.

Free Template: How to Capture Your Elearning Project Needs
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2. Conceptualize - lead with a prototype

Explore and test the big ideas before getting into the detail. Leave content aside and create a rapid prototype to test the look, flow and approaches your learning experience will use. Align your team behind a shared vision.

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  • Design Direction - we’ll review your ideas and coach you on the best way forward.

  • Brand Design - we’ll get your branded and themed templates up and running for you.

  • Concept Creator - we’ll come up with a cutting-edge design concept for you, and build you a rapid prototype.

Free Guide: How to Conceptualize Your Elearning Ideas
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3. Create - build with confidence

Aligned with a clear concept, swiftly build out your design. Collaborate smartly with clear roles and responsibilities to create the detailed content. Be clear on your testing process so you can launch with confidence.

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  • Fast-Track Author Onboarding - we’ll help your authors get up to speed extra fast with a combo of online help and dedicated coaching.

  • Learner Ready Review - we’ll review your build and provide recommendations for a polished result.

Free Guide: How to Speed Up Your Creation Process
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4. Cultivate - improve and refine

Improve your project and cultivate your strategy with real data. Tap into live Elucidat Analytics and other customer insights to tweak and improve your products. Track wider trends and take your digital learning strategy to the next level.

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  • Data Mining - we’ll mine your Elucidat Analytics data and provide recommendations to enhance your products.

Free Guide: How to Use Data to Design and Refine Your Elearning
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5. Commercialize - deliver better ROI

Make your product work for your business. Are you taking your product to market or simply keen to improve the ROI of digital learning? Design for success from the start. Think white-labelling, translations, versioning, maintenance and more.

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  • Revenue Generator - we’ll help you develop a strategy to create, scale and sell your digital learning.

Free Guide: How to Commercialize Your Elearning Products

“I very much value the way you provide support to your clients, including training on how to use the tool. You are highly competent in your area of expertise. To me, that makes you really credible.”

Miriam Kringen Molnar, HR training consultant at BDO Norway

“Elucidat’s design coaching and consultancy services has been a refreshing experience. The team carefully considered our unique needs and helped us develop an exceptionally personalized prototype that both exceeded expectations and broadened our original ideas.”

Ali Houston, Georgia Department of Education

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