Elucidat for professional bodies and education

Elucidat helps professional bodies and education organizations to create high quality mobile-ready content, speed up go to market, and track and improve learning performance.

Create engaging, high quality, mobile-ready content with our easy to use WYSIWYG interface

  • Our simplified authoring experience empowers non-technical users to create engaging, high quality content.
  • Quickly build and test responsive, mobile-ready designs with our Responsive Slider.
  • Learning teams using Elucidat see a 50% increase in team members creating learning content (see use case).

"Someone emailed us to say our course was actually ‘sexy’. I couldn’t believe they were describing content on elearning in that way! Clearly this tool is a level above."

Paul Bird, Learning Technologies Manager at National Trust

Speed up course creation with branded templates and tools that can be quickly re-used for new projects

  • Give advanced learning designers the ability to create branded templates and tools for all users to reuse.
  • Use our purpose-built workflow management tools to streamline the content creation process and reduce bottlenecks.
  • Learning teams that use Elucidat create 4X as much learning content (compared to other tools; in the same time).

"We are in development of our ninth course with Elucidat now. We’ve seen a 45% improvement in development efficiency since introducing the platform.

Paul Bird, Learning Technologies Manager at National Trust

Reduces costs of managing and updating multiple versions of content.

  • Centrally manage and quickly update multi-language, different versions of content using Styles and Variations Manager.
  • Quickly create different versions for language localization, brand localization or legal localization.
  • Learning teams using Elucidat reduce content creation costs by up to 50% and rely less of 3rd party agenices.

"We've got people clamouring to use the tool which we never had before. We've doubled the amount of people making elearning whilst reducing costs by 50%."

Sam Taylor, Digital Learning Manager at Tesco

Track learning performance across multiple versions and LMSs; improve content using real user data

  • Stop relying on 'gut-feel'. Use real data and learner feedback to improve content and fill performance gaps.
  • Use dashboards to demonstrate learning performance improvements to directors.
  • Learning teams using Elucidat have the data they need to show how their learning is impacting employees.

"I'm very excited about the new analytics tool Elucidat has released, I’ve been very impressed with the insight it has provided and are looking forward to utilizing it more in the future."

Charles Shields, ‎Head of Online Delivery at Youth Sport Trust

Customer Stories

“Elucidat is a perfect fit for us. It is user-friendly and makes it very easy for us to create elearning content. They also feature responsive design, which means our courses are available to view and access across all devices, that’s been huge for us.”

Sven Probst, Sports Development Department, FIVB

“Elucidat is easy to use and delivers great results. Learners really engage with the quizzes and interactive content, proved by the analytics for various projects. Elucidat offers a fun way of learning and picking up new skills. The mobile responsiveness makes the projects perfect for learners who are on the go and we’re seeing a huge increase in the numbers of people using mobile and tablets to access free learning modules.”

Georgia Axtell-Powell, The Open University

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