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The Company

Founded in 1992, Saxo Bank was among the first financial institutions to develop an online trading platform that gave ordinary investors the same tools and market access as the professionals.

The company is an internationally recognized leader in trading and investment services, with offices in 18 different countries and clients in over 180.

"Working in Elucidat has made us 200% more our relationship grows we are continuing to discover more areas where we can make savings on time and resources. Quite simply, we get more for our money with Elucidat."

Nick Whiting, Creative Director/Head of Education, Saxo Bank

The Challenge

  • Saxo Bank wanted to introduce a series of online investment and trading courses to support their existing client relationships and build new ones.
  • The project’s ambitious scope necessitated that a substantial amount of learning content needed to be created and delivered in over 20 different languages to Saxo Bank’s international audience.
  • Early attempts at using Moodle proved futile as the software’s limitations slowed content creation to a crawl and made scaling translation virtually impossible.
  • "It was taking a long time to create courses, and that turnaround time was frustrating. Everything we did seemed to be a problem: pictures wouldn’t format, video wouldn’t play, and text would re-format from one device to the next. Just creating the content was a real challenge, and we recognized we wouldn’t be able to scale." Nick explains.

The Solution

  • Before searching for a replacement, Nick created a strict set of must-have criteria to avoid repeating frustrations with Moodle.
  • "It needed to be simple, agile, very user friendly and we wanted to be in a situation where translation would be an easy process," Nick says. "Elucidat was the clear winner because of what they offered, not just right out of the box, but as both a stage one solution and as we evolved."
  • Nick also appreciated the collaborative, hands-on approach Elucidat took to helping Saxo Bank tackle the challenge of multilingual content head-on.
  • "Elucidat understood our vision, our constraints and our challenges. They worked with us back and forth to create a very tailored set of templates that we could use," Nick explains.
  • "Now, we can pass content around easily within the company and seamlessly re-author courses in a different language, which has been huge for us."

The Results

  • Thanks to Elucidat, Nick and Saxo Bank have been able to quickly create, translate and deliver content to their audience around the world.
  • "The biggest change we have noticed with Elucidat is time to market. We’ve been able to ramp up our production significantly," smiles Nick. "Compared to the old Moodle format, Elucidat has made us 200% more efficient." What’s more, those courses are being consumed by Saxo Bank’s audience even more quickly and effectively than anticipated.
  • "The Academy already has a global footprint; we’ve tracked people in China taking courses in English. We’ve witnessed an increase in users already and have even seen users in places where we haven’t got an office - that’s a huge feat."

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